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Hey readers! Kristin here hopping on to let you know I am moving on from being editor of the Town Reminder and Holyoke Sun newspapers. This Friday's edition will be my last. In case you missed a column I wrote about this decision in our Dec. 8 edition, I'm including it below:

I’ve workshopped this column in my head for a few weeks, trying on sentences to see what fits. It’s a technique I’ve always used when writing a column or a feature story that required more adjectives, more finesse, more style. But this time, it’s not working as smoothly.
Usually what happens is an idea strikes me, and I talk it out to myself for a bit. Sometimes I’ll type or write it out in a note. Sometimes I’ll let it simmer and wait for inspiration to bubble up.
As I’ve been working out how to write this particular column, I’ve drawn a blank. What can my lede be? I tried one idea, starting with the way in which I wound up at the Town Reminder - though an internship in 2008. It seemed too hokey, and not as serious, somewhat sensationalized. So then I thought maybe I would follow a hard news format, but felt it would just seem so blunt that way. For certain, I’m avoiding flushing this out because it just makes this decision all the more real, and tangible. My husband remarked to me last week, “I can’t believe you haven’t told anyone yet.” I guess it’s time to tell you.
If you haven’t read into the title of this column, or figured out where I’m going with this, well there’s no sense in burying the lede. I am moving on as editor-in-chief of The Town Reminder and Holyoke Sun newspapers. The last edition I will put together is next Friday’s, out Dec. 15.
The decision to move on, to change career paths a bit, was not one I made lightly. Journalism has always been my main focus, and The Town Reminder and Holyoke Sun have been a vehicle for my success in this field.
These newspapers have allowed me the room to grow from intern to freelance correspondent, skipping a staff writer position and heading straight to editor. It has lead me to win two New England Newspaper and Press Association awards during my time here. This has been my first professional job out of college, in the industry I wanted to work, using my English degree. These newspapers have shaped me as a reporter, as a professional, as a person.
I’ve come to know our readers well, and truly, you were in my thoughts as I mulled over this decision. Publishing your achievements, photographing your families, telling your stories and keeping you informed about issues that directly affect you have been incredibly important to me.
I strongly believe in community journalism, particularly this newspaper. I hope you will continue to view the Holyoke Sun as a solid source of Holyoke news. Please continue to send in your news tips and photos, your feature story ideas and your family announcements. For as much as you perhaps depend on the paper for news, we too depend on you to supply it. From here on out, use the email address to pass your information and press releases along, as my personal email address will soon expire.
As I typed out potential ways to begin this column, I wasn’t thinking about its end. It was hard enough to figure out how to start. I’ve typed a handful of sentences, each one heartfelt, but just not quite right. And perhaps there’s no way for me to write a perfect ending. So instead, I’ll just say, “Thank you.”
Thank you for trusting me and this newspaper. Thank you for answering my questions and follow-up questions, and for allowing me to interview you or your families. Thank you for sending in your article suggestions and tips and town news. Thank you for reading, and for sharing this newspaper. It’s always been all about you. Thank you.
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